Areas Covered

There are many reasons why you may need temporary or long-term storage for your personal possessions. You may be waiting to move into a new home, going abroad for a job posting or gap year; perhaps you need to empty your house while renovation work takes place, or you just simply have too much to cram into your home but can’t bear parting with anything.

Storage & Packing

Do you need storage space for your move or are you between houses or de-cluttering your home?

Whatever the reason, David Charman Removals also offers a secure, and flexible short term and long-term storage solutions throughout Wiltshire, Somerset, Gloucestershire, Hampshire, Devon and Dorset.

For your packing requirements, we can also provide you with the boxes, bubble wrap and tape you need for your move and at very competitive prices.

Just ask for details of what we can provide when we visit to discuss your move.

We advise our clients to make sure that appliances like washing machines and fridges are dried out before storing to prevent mildew forming. It’s also best to clean outdoor goods like bicycles and garden tools to ensure bacteria aren’t packed along with your belongings. We prefer clients not to store valuables like jewellery, money or important documents with their goods. Avoid things containing chemicals, aerosols, gas bottles, and weapons. Perishable food and live plants don’t take well to being stored.

Once inside the containers your furniture and effects will stay clean and dry and perfectly preserved while stored in our warehouse.

Access to the alarmed storage facility is monitored and unauthorised persons are not permitted entry. If you need access to add or remove anything to your container during the storage term you can contact us to arrange this.

When you decide you want to end the storage term and repossess your goods you simply let us know and we will deliver them to the address you give us.

If you need a storage solution, contact us to discuss your requirements and we’ll give you a free no-obligation quotation.